Scalene muscles :-

lateral muscle :- Scalene muscles :- Muscle details :- a group of three pairs of muscles in the lateral neck, namely the anterior scalene, middle scalene, and posterior scalene. Origin :- Cervical vertebrae (CII-CVII) . Insertion :- First and second ribs . Nerve :- Cervical nerves (C3-C8). Actions :- Elevation… Continue reading

Rectus capitis lateralis muscle :-

Rectus capitis lateralis muscle :- Muscle details :- a short, flat muscle, arises from the upper surface of the transverse process of the atlas, and is inserted into the under surface of the jugular process of the occipital bone. Origin :- Upper surface of the transverse process of the atlas…. Continue reading

Rectus capitis anterior muscle :-

Rectus capitis anterior muscle :- muscle details :- a short, flat muscle, situated immediately behind the upper part of the Longus capitis. origin :- Atlas (C1) . Insertion :- Basilar part of the occipital bone . Nerve :- Ventral primary rami of spinal nerves C1-2 . Actions :- Flexion of… Continue reading

longus capitis muscle :-

longus capitis muscle :- muscle details :- is broad and thick above, narrow below, and arises by four tendinous slips . origin :- anterior tubercles of the transverse processes of the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth cervical vertebrae . insertion :- basilar part of the occipital bone . nerve supply… Continue reading

Wrist Joint

Wrist Joint

*Introduction:-~Wrist joint is a synovial joint between lower end of radius and three lateral bones of proximal row of carpus. *Articular surfaces:– *upper:-~Inferior surface of the lower end of the radius.~articular disc of the inferior radioulnar joint . *lower:-1.Scaphoid2.Lunate3.Triquetral bones Articular surfaces  of wrist joint *Ligaments:- Ligaments of wrist joint… Continue reading

inferior pharyngeal muscle :-

Pharyngeal muscles :- inferior pharyngeal muscle :- muscle details :- the thickest of the three constrictors, arises from the sides of the cricoid and thyroid cartilage . origin :- cricoid and thyroid cartilage . insertion :- pharyngeal raphe . nerve supply :- external laryngeal branch of the vagus . action… Continue reading

Cricoarytenoid lateral muscle :-

Cricoarytenoid lateral muscle :- Muscle details :- extend from the lateral cricoid cartilage to the muscular process of the arytenoid cartilage. Origin :- lateral part of the arch of the cricoid . Insertion :- muscular process of the arytenoid cartilage . Nerve supply :- recurrent laryngeal branch of the vagus… Continue reading