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Tibialis anterior muscle :-

Tibialis anterior muscle :- Muscle details :- a muscle in humans that originates in the upper two-thirds of the lateral (outside) surface of the tibia and inserts into the medial cuneiform and first metatarsal bones of the foot. It acts to dorsiflex and invert the foot. This muscle is mostly… Continue reading

Semimembranosus muscle :-

Semimembranosus muscle :- Muscle details :- the most medial of the three hamstring muscles. It is so named because it has a flat tendon of origin. It lies posteromedially in the thigh, deep to the semitendinosus. Origin :- schial tuberosity . Insertion :- Medial condyle of tibia . Nerve :-… Continue reading

Tensor fasciae latae muscle :-

Tensor fasciae latae muscle :- Muscle details :– a muscle of the thigh. It is related with the gluteus maximus in function and structure and is continuous with the iliotibial tract, which attaches to the tibia. The muscle assists in keeping the balance of the pelvis while standing, walking, or… Continue reading

Obturator externus muscle :-

Obturator externus muscle :- Muscle details :- triangular in shape , covers , the outer surface of the anterior wall of the pelvis . Origin :- Outer obturator membrane , rim of pubis and ischium bordering it . Insertion :- Trochanteric fossa on medial surface of greater trochanter . Nerve… Continue reading

Quadratus femoris muscle :-

Quadratus femoris muscle :- Muscle details :- a flat, quadrilateral skeletal muscle. Located on the posterior side of the hip joint, it is a strong external rotator and adductor of the thigh, but also acts to stabilize the femoral head in the Acetabulum. Origin :- Ischial tuberosity . Insertion :-… Continue reading

Obturator internus muscle :-

Obturator internus muscle :- Muscle details :- the medial surface of the obturator membrane, the ischium near the membrane, and the rim of the pubis . Origin :- pelvic surface of obturator membrane .– pelvic surface of the body of the ischium , ischial tuberosity , ischiopubic rami , and… Continue reading

Gemellus inferior muscle :-

Gemellus inferior muscle :- Muscle details :- small muscle lying along the lower border of the tendon of the obturator internus . Origin :- upper -part of the ischial tuberosity . Insertion :- into tendon of obturator internnus . Nerve supply :- nerve to quadratus femoris (l5-s1) . Action :-… Continue reading

Gemellus superior muscle :-

Gemellus superior muscle :- Muscle details :- the smaller of the two, arises from the outer (gluteal) surface of the spine of the ischium, blends with the upper part of the tendon of the Obturator internus . Origin:- posterior surface of the ischial spine . Insertion :- into tendon of… Continue reading