Quadratus femoris muscle :-

Quadratus femoris muscle :- Muscle details :- a flat, quadrilateral skeletal muscle. Located on the posterior side of the hip joint, it is a strong external rotator and adductor of the thigh, but also acts to stabilize the femoral head in the Acetabulum. Origin :- Ischial tuberosity . Insertion :-… Continue reading

Obturator internus muscle :-

Obturator internus muscle :- Muscle details :- the medial surface of the obturator membrane, the ischium near the membrane, and the rim of the pubis . Origin :- pelvic surface of obturator membrane .– pelvic surface of the body of the ischium , ischial tuberosity , ischiopubic rami , and… Continue reading

Gemellus inferior muscle :-

Gemellus inferior muscle :- Muscle details :- small muscle lying along the lower border of the tendon of the obturator internus . Origin :- upper -part of the ischial tuberosity . Insertion :- into tendon of obturator internnus . Nerve supply :- nerve to quadratus femoris (l5-s1) . Action :-… Continue reading

Gemellus superior muscle :-

Gemellus superior muscle :- Muscle details :- the smaller of the two, arises from the outer (gluteal) surface of the spine of the ischium, blends with the upper part of the tendon of the Obturator internus . Origin:- posterior surface of the ischial spine . Insertion :- into tendon of… Continue reading

Gluteus minimus muscle :-

Gluteus minimus muscle :- Muscle details :- the smallest of the three gluteal muscles, is situated immediately beneath the gluteus medius. Origin :- Outer surface of ilium between middle and inferior gluteal lines . Insertion :- Anterior surface of greater trochanter of femur . Nerve supply :- Superior gluteal nerve… Continue reading

Gluteus medius muscle :-

Gluteus medeius muscle :- Muscle details :- the three gluteal muscles, is a broad, thick, radiating muscle, situated on the outer surface of the pelvis. Origin:- Outer surface of the ilium, between the anterior and inferior gluteal lines, and the edge of the greater sciatic notch. Insertion :- Anterior surface… Continue reading

Gluteus maximus muscle :-

Gluteus maximus muscle :- Muscle details :- the gluteus medius and minimus, as the gluteal muscles, and sometimes referred to informally as the “glutes”) is the main extensor muscle of the hip. Origin :- the posterior surface of the ilium, sacrum, and coccyx. It slopes across the buttock at a… Continue reading