Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle :-

Flexor digitorum superficialis muscle :-

Muscle details :-

flexor digitorum superficialis muscle


  • It is in the anterior compartment of the forearm. It is sometimes considered to be the deepest part of the superficial layer of this compartment .

Origin :-

  • Humeroulnar head: medial epicondyle of the humerus via the common flexor tendon, medial border of the base of the coronoid process of the ulna
    Radial head: oblique line of the radius along its supero-anterior border .

Insertion :-

  • Via four tendons attaching to the anterior surface of the middle phalanx of digits 2-5 .

Nerve supply :-

  • Median nerve (C7, C8, T1) .

Action :-

flexor digitorum superficialis muscle

  • flexes middle phalanx of fingers and assists in flexing proximal phalanx and wrist joint .


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