Orbicularis oculi muscle details :-


Orbicularis oculi :-

orbicularis oculi muscle details

Muscle details :-

The orbicularis oculi muscle lies directly underneath the surface the skin, around the eyes. Its function is to close the eyelid, and to help in the passing and draining of tears through the punctum, canaliculi, and lacrimal sac, all parts of the tear drainage system.

Origin :-

The orbicularis oculi originates (begins) from the front surface of the orbital margin, which is the rim of the eye socket. The orbicularis oculi muscle

Insertion :-

the lateral palpebral raphe which is located on the outer part of each eye socket.concentric rings return to the point of origin . upper and lower tarsi .

Nerve supply :-

The upper half of the orbicularis oculi muscle receives its innervation from the temporal branch of the seventh cranial nerve (facial nerve), while the lower half receives its innervation from the zygomatic branch of the seventh cranial nerve (facial nerve).

Muscle action :-

orbicularis oculi muscle action

closes lids tightly ,winking , protects eye from bright light . closes lids gently ,blinking . dilates lacrimal sac ,directs lac ,puncta into lacus lacrimalis , supports the lower lid .

Related pathology :-

In Bell’s palsy orbicularis oculi common paralysis .

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