Orbicularis oris muscle :-

orbicul oris muscle :-

Muscle details :-

o0rbicularis oris muscle

Orbicularis oris. Located in the face, the orbicularis oris muscle controls movements of the mouth and lips.

Origin :-

superior incisivus , from maxilla , inferior incisivus , from mandible .thickest middle stratum , derived from buccinator ,thick superficial stratum ,derived from elevators and depressors of lips and their angles .

Insertion :-

angle of mouth . lips and the angle of the mouth .

Nerve supply :-

the buccal branch of the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII).

Muscle action :-

orbicularis oris muscle action

closes and purses the mouth ,numerous extrinsic muscle make it most versatile for various types of grimaces .The orbicularis oris muscle is a sphincter muscle that encircles the mouth. It lies between the skin and the mucous membranes of the lips, extending upward to the nose and down to the region between the lower lip and chin .

Related pathology :-

In Bell’s palsy orbicularis oris muscle commonly paralysis .

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