Innermost intercostal muscle :-

Innermost intercostal muscle :- Muscle details :- a layer of intercostal muscles deep to the plane that contains the intercostal nerves and intercostal vessels and the internal intercostal muscles. Origin :- Infero-posterior border of each rib (above). Insertion:- Supero-posterior border of the rib (below). Nerve:- intercostal nerves. Actions :- Through… Continue reading

Obliquus capitis inferior muscle :-

Obliquus capitis inferior muscle :- muscle details :- the larger of the two oblique muscles of the neck. It arises from the apex of the spinous process of the axis and passes laterally and slightly upward, to be inserted into the lower and back part of the transverse process of… Continue reading

Obliquus capitis superior muscle :-

Obliquus capitis superior muscle :- muscle details :- a small muscle in the upper back part of the neck and is one of the suboccipital muscles and part of the suboccipital triangle . origin :- Lateral mass of atlas . Insertion :- Lateral half of the inferior nuchal line …. Continue reading

Longissimus capitis muscle :-

Longissimus capitis muscle :- the muscle lateral to the semispinalis muscles. It is the longest subdivision of the erector spinae muscles that extends forward into the transverse processes of the posterior cervical vertebrae. muscle details :- the muscle lateral to the semispinalis muscles. It is the longest subdivision of the… Continue reading

Semispinalis muscles :-

Semispinalis muscles :- Muscle details :- a group of three muscles belonging to the transversospinales. These are the semispinalis capitis, the semispinalis cervicis and the semispinalis thoracis. Origin :- articular processes of C4-C6; transverse processes of C7 and T1-T7 . Insertion :- occipital bone between the superior and inferior nuchal… Continue reading