Salpingopharyngeus muscle :-

Salpingopharyngeus muscle :-

muscle details :-

arises from the superior border of the medial cartilage of the pharyngotympanic tube (Eustachian tube), in the nasal cavity, making the posterior welt of the torus tubarius, it passes downward and blends with the posterior fasciculus of the palatopharyngeus muscle .

origin :-

Lower part of the cartilage of the auditory tube .

Insertion :-

Fibers pass downward and blend with the palatopharyngeus muscle to the upper border thyroid cartilage, blending with constrictor fibers .

Nerve :-

Vagus nerve (CN X) .

Actions :-

Assists in elevating the pharynx, pulls on torus tubarius to pressure equalize middle ear .

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