Ustrasana :-

Ustrasana :-


Ustrasana is a backbend that boosts shoulder flexibility, increases core strength and stretches the entire front of the body. The name is derived from the Sanskrit ustra, meaning “camel,” and asana, meaning “pose” or “posture.”

steps :-

Sit on the floor stretching your leg and keeping your spine erect keeping palms on the ground side by the buttocks.

Bend your leg by the keens and sit on your heels placing the buttocks between the heels, the right big toe overlapping the left.

Kneel on floor keeping your knees in line with the shoulders and sole of the feet facing the ceiling.

Keep your hand on thighs.

Inhale and arch your back and place your palms on the heels of the feet.

Keep your arms straight.

Do not strain your neck keep it neutral. Let your neck be free.

Stay in this final position for couple of breaths or as much longer as you can.

Breathe out and slowly come to the normal position withdrawing your hands from the feet.

Benefits :-

Ustrasana Stretches the anterior muscles of the body.

Improves flexibility of spine and strengthens it.

Camel Pose Improves digestion

Gives relaxation to the lower back.

Useful as an initial practice for back bending.


Low back ache.

Cervical spondylitis

Reduces abdomen fat.

Thyroid and parathyroid.

Menstrual problems.


Human back .


Thorax, Abdomen, Inguinal region, Thigh .

Pose type:-

Backbend, Chest opener .

Contraindications :-

Those with high blood pressure and severe fatigue should avoid this pose. If you have any spine-related conditions make sure to maintain the extension throughout the spine rather than bending the spine. Those with neck injuries and pain should look up at the ceiling and should not drop their heads back. Keep a bolster horizontally on the heels if you can’t reach them.

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