Vriksasana :-

Vriksasana :-

steps :-

Choose a point in front of you and maintain your gaze on it throughout the practice. This helps to maintain the balance.

Bend your right leg and transfer the weight of your body on the left leg.

Using your hand, place the right foot on the left inner thigh bringing the right heel at the root of the left thigh. Keep the toes pointing downwards. The foot presses against the thigh and the thigh against the foot.

Once you secure the balance, slowly raise your arms over the head and join both of your palms. Keep the arms straight, elbows slightly bent and stretch your body in the upward direction.

Relax in the pose. Feel each and every breath coming in and going out of the body. Stay in the position for 20 – 30 seconds breathing normally.

To come out of the pose separate the palms and lower the arms. Next, gently take the right foot away from the thigh. Straighten the right leg and come back to starting position.

Repeat the same steps from the other side of the body by changing the position of legs. Practice for the same duration of time on each leg.

Health benefits of Vrikshasana :-

It stretches the entire body from toes to fingers, thus invigorates you.

It gives tranquillity to your mind thus good for those who are facing the problem of depression and anxiety.

It increases your stamina, concentration and immunity.

It is good for your hips as it helps to open it.

It is beneficial for those who are experiencing sciatica. But one should practice it under the supervision of a yoga expert.

It enhances the flexibility of legs, back and chest muscles.

It makes your ankle stronger.

It is also good for your knees. The person who is having knee problems should perform it.

It strengthens thighs and calves.

It gives suitable stretching to the groins.

Person suffering from flat feet should practice it.

It makes you more focused and concentrated.

By practicing this asana, the ligaments and tendons of the feet gets strengthen.

It is also good for pelvic region.

It develops esteem and self-confidence.

It calms and relaxes the central nervous system.

It helps to cure rheumatic pain and also treats numbness.


Vertebral column, Thigh, Calf, Ankle .


Thorax, Inguinal region, Thigh, Shoulder .

Pose type:-

standing .

Beginner’s Tip:-

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling out of the posture. For beginners, it will be hard to maintain the balance. To make the pose easier, instead of raising the arms you may keep the hands to your chest in namaste gesture. Follow the steps slowly and keep trying again and again. Just in a few days, you will be able to find your balance.

precautions :-

Some of the important contraindications, cautions and side effects of this yoga pose are being given below.

It should not be practiced in case of

High blood pressure

Low blood pressure



Acute knee problems

Hip injury

contraindication :-

As Tree Pose (Vrksasana) is a simple yoga pose for balancing, be aware of the body and the surroundings to avoid injury in case one falls.

Tree pose practice should be avoided by patients with arthritis and/or vertigo.

Obese people should avoid this yoga pose as it requires focus on balance.

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