Zygomaticus minor muscle :-

Zygomaticus minor :-

Muscle details :-

zygomaticus minor muscle

The zygomaticus minor is a muscle of facial expression. It originates from zygomatic bone and continues with orbicularis oculi on the lateral face of the levator labii superioris and then inserts into the outer part of the upper lip.Like all muscles of facial expression, it is innervated by the facial nerve (CN VII).

Origin :-

The zygomaticus minor originates from the lateral surface of the zygomatic bone. Its origin site is located immediately behind the zygomaticomaxillary structure.

Insertion :-

The zygomaticus minor inserts into the skin of the lateral part of the upper lip and extends to the nasolabial sulcus.

Nerve supply :-

zygomaticus and baccal branch of the facial nerve .

Action :-

zygomaticus minor muscle action

Upon activation the zygomaticus minor pulls the upper lip backward, upward and outward, and also aids in deepening and elevating the nasolabial sulcus.

Related pathology :-

In Bell’s palsy zygomaticus minor muscle paralysis .

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