Supta Virasana :-

Supta Virasana :-

Supta Virasana 

Supta Virasana or Reclined Hero Pose is an asana.

Description :-

Supta Virasana is a reclined version of virasana where the upper body reclines backwards, so that the back rests on the floor. The arms rest on the floor to either side of the trunk, with the palms facing up.

Steps :-

Sit comfortably in Vajrasana.

Keeping your palms on the floor beside the buttocks, your fingers pointing to the front.

Slowly bend back, putting the proper forearm and also the elbow on the bottom so the left.

Slowly bring down your head to the ground while arching the back. Place your hands on the thighs.

Try to stay the lower legs connected with the ground. If necessary, separate the knees.

Make certain that you simply don’t seem to be overstraining the muscles and ligaments of the legs.

Close the eyes and relax the body.

Breathe deeply and slowly within the final position.

Release within the reverse order, inhaling and taking the support of the elbows and also the arms raise the top higher than the bottom.

Then shift the weight on the left arm and elbow by slippery the body, then slowly returning to the beginning position.

Never leave the ultimate position by straightening the legs first; it’s going to dislocate the knee joints.

Benefits :-

It tones the spinal nerves, makes the rear versatile and realigns rounded shoulders. The nerves within the neck, the thyroid and parathyroid gland glands square measure notably stirred.

It massages the abdominal organs assuaging digestive ailments and constipation.

The ribcage is stretched and dilated totally, that helps to fill the lungs to its piaximum capability and transportation additional element into the system.

It enhances courageousness and confidence level within the temperament.

It is useful for those stricken by respiratory disorder, and different respiratory organ ailments.

It loosens up the legs and strengthens them in preparation for sitting in meditation Asanas.

It enhances ability and intelligence.

This posture stretches the rear muscles and separates the individual vertebrae from one another, emotional pressure on the discs.

Often nerve connections emanating from the neural structure square measure squeezed by these discs, giving rise to numerous styles of aching.

This posture helps to alleviate this downside and encourages the discs to resume their correct position.

It regulates the functioning of the adrenal glands.

It tones the girdle muscles and also the sciatic nerves and it is useful for girls who have an underdeveloped pelvis.

It helps to alleviate disorders of each the male and feminine procreative organs.

Regular follow relieves constipation.

It helps to eliminate anger, aggression and relax the mind.

Type :-

Reclining .

Variations :-

Eka Pada Supta Virasana (One-Legged Reclining Hero Pose) or Ardha Supta Virasana (Half Reclined Hero Pose involves one leg folded under the body while the other is being stretched.

contraindication :-

Angina .

Partially blocked arteries .

Recovering from bypass surgery .

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