Vajrasana :-

Vajrasana :-


Vajrasana , Thunderbolt pose, is a sitting asana in yoga. It is a kneeling position sitting on the heels.

Steps of Vajrasana  :-

Sit on the flat floor in Dandasana or fold your both legs and place your feet under the hips. (Both heels are protruding outwards and the toes are touching your hips, in this position the thumbs of both toes should be touching each other)

Keep your spine and head erect with closed eyes.

Your knees should be touching each other.

Keep your right palm on right knee and left palm on left knee.

After that inhale slowly and exhale slowly by both nostrils. (Normal breathing).

When you breathe out try to assume that all your disorders are coming out from your nostrils.

In the beginning, try to practice Vajrasana for 5 minutes after lunch or dinner. Once you are used to it increases the time of asana about 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Benefits of Vajrasana :-

It is the best Asana for meditation and concentration.

Helps in keeping the mind stable and calm.

Cures indigestion, acidity, gas formation and constipation, increases digestion process.

Those people who are suffering from gas problems can practice immediately after lunch or dinner.

Helps in back pain.

Very beneficial in stomach disorders.

Beneficial in urinary problems.

Strengthens the sexual organs.

Helps to reduce obesity.

Gives Strength to the thigh muscles.

Useful for arthritis patients.

Relieving pain in the knees.


Human back, Leg .


Knee, Hip, Thigh, Ankle .

Pose type:-

Seated .

Modification :-

Blanket below Knees:-

If the knees pose problems at the time of resting the body on the feet, then using blanket underneath the knees could be a good option.

Blanket above Feet:-

If the ankles feel sore when bringing the body down or when seated for more than a few seconds, then a great option would be to place a blanket just above the feet and sit on the blanket or place a cushion below the feet.

Cushion under Buttocks:-

If the lower back is not strong yet and feels hard on the feet, then placing a cushion on the feet and sitting on this cushion will give back the needed support.

If one is suffering from piles and it hurts while sitting in this pose, one could place a cushion below the buttocks for better comfort.

Wall as Support:-

If one loses balance while closing eyes then one could use the wall having it as a support for the upper back and back of the head or one could place the hands down besides on the floor.

If the hip weight is more and feels heavy on the heels and ankles, then one can first practice taking the weight on one foot at a time with a blanket placed below the foot. Practice this for a few weeks alternating the foot and then slowly go into the pose with blanket support.

If one has a tendency to get cramps on any one leg then make sure that leg is opened well with certain stretches or yoga poses before moving into the practice of Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).

Block between the Knees:-

If the knees cannot be placed close together then keep a block between the knees to make sure that they don’t go beyond a certain distance. First get the practice of constantly pushing the block with both the knees to work on opening the muscles around the knees.

Block between the feet:-

If one feels the hips are not straight on the heels and the body is tilting on one side of the hip, then place a block in between the feet for a few days to practice and then go into the original pose.

Contraindication :-

Injured Ankles or Knees Ligaments:-

This pose can be hard on the knees and the ankles if one is not flexible with these muscles and joints. This pose should not be practiced if one is suffering from injured ligaments at the ankles or at the knees.

Hernia or Ulcers:-

Those suffering from hernia or intestinal ulcers should take medical advice and guidance before practicing this and should perform this pose with a trained yoga teacher. The pressure on the anus in this pose may bring unwanted pressure to the intestine.

Runners with Hamstring or Calf Injury:-

Runners should avoid this if they have injury in their hamstrings or the calves.

Arthritis in Knees:-

Not to be practiced by people who have severe arthritis of the knees.

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