Sukhasana :-

Sukhasana :-


Sukhasana is one of the most basic yoga asanas and is suitable for yogis of all levels. The name is derived from the Sanskrit, sukha, meaning “pleasure” or “comfort,” and asana, meaning “pose.”

Steps :-

Sit down normally on the floor. (If you are not used to sitting on the floor or you are uncomfortable, then keep one thick folded blanket on the floor for firm and flat base for sitting). Stretch out your legs ahead in front.Now cross your legs and broaden your knees, in order that you can slip your both foot under the opposite knee.

After that you have to bend your knees along with fold your legs.

Keep your feet loose, in order that the external edges lay on the floor and the inner curves are settled beneath the inverse leg.

Your thighs and crossed legs ought to frame a little triangle. Keep some space between your feet and pelvis.

Now sit with your buttock in a neutral position. (For this, you have to press your hands opposing the ground and lift your sitting bones a bit). Attempt to hold for a breath or two and after that gradually bring down yourself back on to the floor.

Balance your tail bone and pubic bone in a manner that they are equidistant from the floor.

Keep your hands on your knees with palm facing down and expand your tailbone against the floor. (You can keep your hands in Gyan mudra).

Benefits :-

It stretches and Lengthening your spine.

Broadens your collarbones and chest.

It calms your mind.

Enhance your condition of peacefulness and serenity.

Kick out anxiety, stress and mental tiredness.

It helps in improving body posture.

It opens your hips.

It helps in reducing fatigue.

It strengths your back.

It stretches your ankles and knees.

It gives gentle massage to your knees, calf muscles and your thighs also.


Human back .


Knee, Ankle .

Pose type:-

Seated, Hip opener

Precautions :-

Avoid practicing Easy Pose in case of severe knee pain, lower backache or sciatica.

contraindication :-


Individuals who are experiencing backache shouldn’t stay in this position for more than 5 mins.

Arthritis in Knees:-

Someone with severe arthritis would find it difficult to sit on the floor as there would be too much pressure at the knees. In such cases, this pose can be avoided or try modifications.

Knee Surgery:-

Sukhasana should be avoided by individuals who have undergone knee replacement surgery. They should take the advice of their doctors before doing so with this practice.

Spine Issues:-

Any issues related to the spine or spinal disc problems.


Someone who suffers from sciatica related to the sciatic nerves should avoid Easy Pose (Sukhasana) as the sciatica nerve can get pinched.

Migraine / Anxiety:-

This pose is practiced with the eyes closed and for longer periods, hence those suffering from severe migraine or have anxiety issues may find it difficult to remain in this pose with eyes closed. It is best to master other simpler yoga poses for relieving migraine and anxiety related health issues before attempting to practice Sukhasana.

Weak Digestion:-

Someone suffering from a weak digestive system may also find it challenging to close eyes in Easy Pose. It is advisable to practice other yoga poses to relieve weak digestion before attempting Easy Pose with eyes closed.

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