Tulasana :-

Tulasana :-


Steps of Tulasana :-

First of all get into the Padmasana (Lotus Pose).

Your arms ought to relax on the floor close to your hip area.

After that you have to press your both palm on the ground, Keep your hands straight.

Now, breathe out and try to elevate or lift your upper body.

Remain in this stance for around 20 seconds, and then lower down your upper body discharge your legs.

After that, change your legs in the Padmasana, and rehash this pose once again as same as earlier.

Hold the pose in a balancing position for some time and after that lower down your upper body release your leg and take rest.

Benefits of Tulasana :-

Tulasana strengthens your arms, wrists and upper body region.

Makes your shoulders strong.

It relaxes the muscles and calms the mind.

Increases the sense of balance.

Includes tightening of the abs and subsequently, brings about a rigid stomach.

The muscles of your midriff (abdomen) are pulled up tight and thus, your lungs show signs of improvement supply of oxygen as you inhale profoundly.

While fortifying your abs, it likewise gives an interior incitement to the internal organs.

In totality, Tolasana enhances the feeling of equalization of your body and has a quieting impact on your entire personality and framework.

In Tolasana, you have to utilize your eyes for centered consideration. This evacuates basic imperfections of your eyes.


Abdomen, Hip, Human back, Shoulder, Wrist, Arm .

Pose type:-

Arm balance, Core .

Contraindications :-

Do not practice Tolasana if you have recent injuries to the shoulder, wrist, hip or knees.

Because this pose begins in Padmasana, or Lotus Pose, it is important to ensure that the hips, knees, ankles and feet are free from strain or pain before attempting Tolasana pose.

Be mindful of the flexibility required to perform this pose safely – do not ever force your knee joints into Lotus as you prepare for Tolasana, as this can create major strain and could lead to injuries.

It is also possible to practice Tolasana from Sukhasana, instead of Padmasana, if the hips, ankles or knees prevent the yogi from practicing safely.

If you are struggling to gain height in the pose, try placing blocks beneath your hands.

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