Garbhasana :-

Garbhasana :-


Description :-

During the performance of this asana, the body takes on the shape of a fetus.

Variations :-

Variations to Garbhasana include:

Anatomical :-

The main anatomical focus is upon maintaining balance. You must remember to move into the pose slowly so that you can maintain balance. Have a point of focus for maintaining balance. Do not force the arms through the legs.

Therapeutic Applications :-

Garbhasana is quite effectual in case of nervous disorders. It tends to cure any kind of problems related to nerve in the human body. Furthermore, this form of yoga has been proved to be effective at managing anger within a short period of time. Hence, a person who tends to get angry in short time can perform this yoga and attain relief.

Benefits  :-

There are various benefits of performing this form of asana that has been pinpointed below:-

It tends to possess a modifiable effect upon the adrenal glands and is effective in calming the excited mind.

Any form of nervous problems can be cured with the regular practice of this pose .

It is effectual in curing anger .

It tends to tone the abdominal organs .

It is beneficial in case of indigestion problems and helps in increasing appetite .

A persons sense of balance tends to be enhanced to a greater degree .

Beginner’s Tip  :-

Beginner’s can keep a bolster between their knees in order to place the upper body, arms and head and make the pose quite comfortable. This shall assist the pregnant women as well as people who are fat. You can as well place a blanket between the heels as well as buttock and hence sit upon it. This will reduce the pain on knees and hips. In the beginning it is common for you to fall either forward or backward. Take the assistance of the wall to prevent you from falling.

Contraindications and Cautions :- 

A person possessing knee pain or injury must try avoiding this form of yoga asana as it might worsen the situation badly. Furthermore, a person with high blood pressure problem must also avoid performing this yoga in order to prevent the problem from escalating.

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