Prasārita Pādottānāsana :-

Prasārita Pādottānāsana :-

Prasārita Pādottānāsana

Prasārita Pādottānāsana or Wide Stance Forward Bend is a standing forward bend asana in modern yoga.

Description :-

This is a standing pose with the feet wide apart and the body folded forward and down until in the completed pose the head touches the ground and the hands are placed flat on the ground, the tips of the fingers in line with the heels, the arms bent at right angles.In Ashtanga yoga, four variant forms of the asana, which is considered fundamental to that style of yoga, are identified.

The reclining form of the pose is sometimes called Supta Konasana.

step :-

Stand straight with your feet together, in tāḍāsana

Step your right foot 4 feet back

Bring the feet parallel to each other

Place your hands on your waist

Inhale and extend your torso

Exhale and bend forward and down

Place your hands on the ground

Bring the top of the head toward the ground

Stay for 10 breaths

To come out, hold your waist, inhale and slowly come up

Benifits :-

Strengthens the thighs, knees and ankles .

Stretches the hamstrings and calves .

Reliefs headaches .

strech :-

Stretches thigh adductor .

Stretches hamstrings .

Tones the quadriceps femoris .

type :-

Standing .

effect of spine :-

Forward bend .

Contra-Indications :-

Back injuries .

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