Risorius muscle :-

Risorius :-

Muscle details :-

risorius muscle

The risorius begins around the parotid gland, a salivary gland in the back of the jaw, and wraps around the platysma muscle, a muscle located in the chest and neck. … Smiling and frowning are two of the facial expressions that are created by all of the facial muscles working together.

Origin :-

The risorius originates from the masseteric fascia.


The risorius inserts into the skin of the angle of the mouth.

Nerve supply :-

Buccal branch of the facial nerve.

Action :-

risorius muscle action

Upon activation the risorius pulls the angle of the mouth laterally.The risorius retracts the angle of the mouth to produce a smile, albeit an insincere-looking one that does not involve the skin around the eyes. Compare with a real smile, which raises the lips with the action of zygomaticus major and zygomaticus minor muscles and causes “crow’s feet” around the eyes using the orbicularis oculi muscles.

Related pathology :-

In Bell’s palsy risorius muscle commonly paralysis .

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