Mentalis muscle :-

Mentalis :-

Muscle details :-

mentalis muscle

The mentalis is a paired central muscle of the lower lip, situated at the tip of the chin. It originates from the mentum and inserts into the chin soft tissue.

Origin :-

The origin of a muscle refers to the location in the body in which the muscle begins. The origin of the mentalis muscle is the incisive fossa of the mandible.

Insertion :-

The insertion point of the mentalis muscle is skin of the lower lip. Since it attaches to the skin of the lower lip, when this muscle contracts.

Nerve supply :-

Mandibular branch of facial nerve (VII).

Action :-

mentalis muscle action

Mentalis has two actions:

– protrusion of the lower lip
– elevation and wrinkling of the skin of the chin

Ralated pathology :-

In Bell’s palsy mentalis muscle commonly paralysis .

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