Buccinator muscle :-

Buccinator :-

Muscle details :-

buccinator muscle

The buccinator muscle is a thin, four-sided facial muscle that is located in each of the cheeks. The buccinator muscle is a facial muscle located in the cheeks. The main action of this muscle is to compress the cheek against the teeth.

Origin :-

upper fiber , from maxilla, opposite molar teeth .
lower fiber , from mandible, opposite molar teeth .
middle fiber, from pterygomendibular raphe .

Insertion :-

upper fiber , straight to the upperlip .
lower fiber , straight to the lowerlip .
middle fiber decussate before passing to the lips .

Nerve supply :-

he buccal branch of the facial nerve (cranial nerve VII). Sensory innervation is supplied by the buccal branch (one of the muscular branches) of the mandibular part of the trigeminal (cranial nerve V).

Action :-

buccinator muscle action

flattens cheek against gums and teeth ; prevents accumulation of food in the vestibule .

Related pathology : –

In Bell’s palsy baccinator muscle commonly paralysis .

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