Stylopharyngeus muscle :-

Stylopharyngeus muscle :- muscle details :- a muscle in the head that stretches between the temporal styloid process and the pharynx. origin :- Styloid process (temporal) . Insertion :- thyroid cartilage (larynx) . Nerve :- glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX) . Actions :- elevate the larynx, elevate the pharynx, swallowing .

Temporoparietalis muscle :-

Temporoparietalis muscle :- Muscle details :- a distinct muscle above the auricularis superior . origin :- Auriculares muscles . Insertion :- galea aponeurotica . Nerve :- temporal branches of the facial nerve . Action :- Fixes galeal aponeurosis . related pathology :- In Bell’s palsy related temporoparietalis muscle paralysis .

Occipitofrontalis muscle :-

Occipitofrontalis muscle :- Muscle details :- a muscle which covers parts of the skull. It consists of two parts or bellies: The occipital belly, near the occipital bone, and the frontal belly, near the frontal bone. In humans, the occipitofrontalis only serves for facial expressions . Origin :- Two occipital… Continue reading